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Unfiltered | June 25, 2016

(I am a 12 year old living in Sevilla for a year with my parents. This takes place after a technology class. My teacher is a substitute and has already been rude during the class. Also note I am having a friendly squabble with my friend, including some gentle hitting.)

Teacher: *Speeds past then looks back* Hey, [My Name] stop hitting him!

Me: Ok, it was friendly though…

Teacher: *Under breath and very snottily like it was a horrible thing* Well I didn’t know you were gay.

(This hits a spot as one of my closest uncles is gay.)

Me: You are aware my uncle is gay, correct?

Teacher: *Silent*

Teacher: *Fast walks, almost runs down the stairs. Then runs directly into our middle school director who is also gay.*

Me: Shall I share your comments or would you like to?

(The Teacher’s face turned bright red and he gave me the evil eye. Also after the Middle School Director heard the story the Teacher was suspended for a week. I was jumping with joy as he was not a very nice teacher to begin with.)