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Unfiltered | June 18, 2016

(at the time i was 16 and summer break would be over in a week, so I decided to check out the high school since this would be my first year there and wanted to get used to where the classrooms were. this happened as i walked by some girls in the hallway messing around.)

girl#1: “i have good reflexes.”

girl#2: “really?” *friendly-pushes her and makes her drop her phone*

girl#1: “hey! that’s an $800 phone! be careful.”

girl#2: “maybe you should hold on to it better next time.”

(after that i turned into a different hallway and stopped listening. but what I don’t get though is, even if it’s a brand-spanking-new smartphone that has features that no other smartphone has, why would you spend so much on it? I had (and still use) a $70 nokia smartphone and it is good enough for me.)