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Unfiltered | June 3, 2016

(The students have to take the Invalsi, a nation-wide test)

Mother: “You have to help my son during the test! You always told me that he have difficulties!”

Teacher: “Yes, and for five years we have told you to bring him to a doctor because we suspect he is dyslexic, and for five you have told us that your son isn’t a handicapped and to not treat him like one”

Mother: “But you HAVE to help him for the test!”

Teacher: “No, I COULD not help him. If I help a student without certified disabilities I can lose my job. I will not risk to have to change my entire life for a mother that doesn’t want to face the reality”

Bonus points:

1. The Invalsi in the elementary classes Is a class test, the students don’t know their score and are not evaluated from them.

2. Practically all the teachers are state workers, so losing the job means to have to find another line of work.

3. For poor families the doctors are very low cost and state-sponsored.