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(I teach junior high science and also have an 8th grade homeroom. One student in particular is very bright, and has an interesting taste in movies, music, and video games for her age. I’m in my mid 20s, and we like a lot of the same things. She gets to school a lot earlier than the rest of the class and on this particular morning we are talking about movies.)

Student: “I need to see Civil War. My dad said he’d take me this weekend.”
Me: “I’m not a huge Captain America fan, but I’ve heard the movie is really good. I’m waiting on X-Men: Apocalypse.”
Student: “Me too! But I still haven’t seen Days of Future Past! My dad saw it without me and I haven’t seen it yet!”

(I have it on DVD and she’s a very responsible student, so I email her dad…)

Me: “Hello, Mr. (name)! (Name) and I were chatting this morning about the upcoming X-Men movie and she mentioned that she hasn’t seen Days of Future Past yet. I have it on DVD and wouldn’t mind lending it to her, but I wanted to check and make sure it was okay with you first. Thanks for giving her such great taste in entertainment!”
Student’s Dad: “That would be fine. Thanks, I appreciate that! Some of my favorite shows are animated…”

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