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Unfiltered | May 21, 2016

(For my GCSEs, I took a simpler science course so that I wouldn’t have to do extra lessons after school, as I was interested in doing school plays. It was a very mixed-ability group, with my friend and I being the smartest in the class. One day in class I’m in the middle of work when a full water bottle smacks me square in the back of the head.)

Teacher: WHO DID THAT? [Bully]?

Bully: Oh my god sir i wasn’t even aiming for her! I was aiming for [Friend]!

(At this point I’ve just lowered my head onto the desk, trying not to cry, and barely paying attention to what’s going on.)

Friend: [Name], are you okay?

Me: No…

Friend: Sir I think [Name] needs to go to the nurse

Teacher: *completely ignoring us, focusing on yelling at the bully and her friends*

(The rest of the lesson passes with the teacher brushing my friend off every time he suggests I should go to the nurse, and me not doing any work. In between lessons, I go to the nurse, and my friend tells my next teacher where I’ll be.)

Nurse: *pressing an ice pack to my head after checking I wasn’t concussed* When did this happen?

Me: at the start of the lesson.

Nurse: what?

(Because I’m fine on my own, she quickly leaves the room. I hear later that she marched straight up to the teacher and yelled at him for being irresponsible and not sending me over straight away. I was fine, but had a rather large bruise on the back of my head.)