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Unfiltered | May 16, 2016

We are quietly reading The Hobbit in English class, I finished the book over the weekend and I’m zoning out while I wait for the rest of the class to finish the chapter they’re all on. Suddenly the teacher approaches me.

Teacher: *Somewhat whispering* You need to be reading.

Me: Oh, I finished it already.

Teacher: Then just look like you’re reading. *Walks away*

This wasn’t the first nor the last time I had an ordeal like this with this teacher, and although I knew every book cover to cover, I could only ever seem to score a 60% on all my book-related tests (with no constructive criticism to help me improve) and I only ended up with a 77% by the end of the semester despite English being my strongest subject- this was mainly due to me being spineless and not standing up for my rights to write my tests on a keyboard and her taking advantage of that. To this day I refuse to speak her name or look her in the eye.

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