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Maryland | Unfiltered | May 9, 2016

(I’m a 13 year old kid sitting in a computer lab with my math class about to take a practice test. We are allowed to talk because we are testing a website to make sure it works so we can take a big test with it in the next week. I am sitting next to a girl, who is generally very loud and often made fun of for it, but she doesn’t take it personally. 2 VERY annoying boys in front of us start to pick on her, but I only started listening halfway.)

Boy #1: “Shhh were taking a test! Everyone can hear you [Girl’s Name]”

Boy #2 : “Yeah you better be quiet this is a test!”

Girl: Everybody is talking! We don’t actually have to finish the test. It’s just a practice one, god.

(The boys continue to say rude things to her as she brushes them off like dust. Soon one boy starts to call her names)

Boy #1: You’re just acting gay.

(At this point I’ve had enough of them being rude to her, and calling her gay like it was an insult. I find using the term “gay” in a offensive way, offensive myself)

Me: Whats wrong with being gay?

Girl: There is nothing wrong with being gay! I’m not though so please stop calling me that!

Boy #2: Oh my god, your acting so gay.

Me: Again, is that some sort of an insult? Being gay isn’t bad.

(The boys have an innocent look on their face. Nobody stands up for the girl even though she has multiple friends, and they seemed surprised I actually joined in to stand up for her.)

Boy #1: There is nothing wrong with being gay…

Me: Then don’t use it as an insult.

Girl: And I’m not gay.

(The boys finally stopped. Suddenly, he girl turned to me with her hands covering her mouth in a surprised manner.)

Girl: Oh my god are you gay?! I’m so sorry if I offended you!

Me: Oh, Um…

(I didn’t answer her question fully. I identify myself as Pansexual, only because being 13, I don’t want to position myself just to one gender. Pretty much, if I know you well enough, I don’t care what you are. I didn’t feel like telling her that information though.)

Girl: I’m so sorry!

Me: No! No! It’s fine! You didn’t offend anyone! You’re you and you’re allowed to be whatever you want. Plus, they were saying a untrue fact about you, which you should be allowed to express yourself.

(I had a long conversation with her about how gay people aren’t, or at least shouldn’t, be offended if everyone isn’t gay. She thanked me, and when the bell rung we went to our separate classes. She was happier, and louder than she usually was after that. I was certainly too.)

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