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Twin Cities, MN, USA | Unfiltered | May 3, 2016

(I’m in an English class with a teacher who notoriously does not care about teaching. We have just taken a quiz to be peer marked, and since it’s the end of the quarter, I don’t really care about my score.)

Teacher: Okay, here’s 1-5. Mark the quiz and look up so I know when to scroll.

(My peer editor raises her hand.)

Student: [Teacher], what if we can’t read it?

Teacher: Just mark it right if it looks close.

Student: But I don’t think it’s even in English!

(The teacher walks over and looks at it.)

Teacher: Oh, it’s in Sindarin. I can grade it.

(She took it back to her desk and graded it. I still can believe she knew Sindarin Elvish. I got full marks, if anyone was wondering.)

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