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I overhear an argument between two of my students

Student 1: So let me get this straight…You want to bring all the Pygmies over to America

Student 2: Not all of them. I don’t think I could find all of them.

Student 1: Ok, some pygmies. You want to make them have flat heads…

Student 2: Yes. If I strap boards to the tops of their heads when they’re babies, they’ll grow up with flat heads.

Student 1: That’s just so wrong. Why would you do that?

Student 2: So they can balance trays on their heads and work as servers at parties.

Student 1: So you’re going to bring them over to be slaves?!

Student 2: Not slaves. I’ll give them food, clothing, and a place to live. And they’ll have a better life here than in the jungle anyway.

Student 1: That’s still not right! (turns to me) Tell him, miss.

And that’s how my yearbook quote for the year became:
Me: No, it is not ethical to bring a group of pygmies to America, raise them with flat heads and use them as servants to carry your trays on their heads.