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Unfiltered | May 5, 2016

(The classroom we were in had projects hung up about presidential candidates)

Me: Whoever wrote the one about Ben Carson does realize the fact he dropped out.

Classmate 1: I wish he didn’t he is very smart because he is a neurologist.

(Me and my friend face palm)

Me: just because he is a neurologist does not make him fit for president

Class: are you calling doctors dumb

Me: she may be book smart but it doesn’t mean he is street smart I mean some of the candidates are so new to this they may not handle i with the nonsense brought along.

Classmate 1: are so saying that all candidates that run for president are stupid

( I the. face palm)

Random classmates: next thing you know she will say feminists are idiots and that people in America are dumb

(My friend and I are baffled at this point)

Me: let’s change the subject you guys watching the new dead pool movie it is awesome and sd you know he is the only one who really kills thanos

(I then hear people saying how we are loners and have no life because we are such geeks)