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Unfiltered | April 29, 2016

I was in my first year of college when this happened. Though the college I attended was rather small, with most classes in one of two buildings, it was confusing the first few weeks for incoming students. This was made worse by the two computer “labs” being located in two different locations. One in the library, and one in a building we simply called “Patton” lab.

One day around four, I’m outside the lab talking with a friend of mine and standing right next to this big bronze plaque which has in bold letters the building’s name. As I’m doing this, a guy walks up to me. I vaguely recognize him from some classes, but couldn’t place his name off hand.

He looks at me and says “Uh, do you know where Patton is? The library lab’s full, and I need to research some things on the internet. (Note, this was before most students had laptops, Ipads and the like.)

Looking at the sign a moment and then to my friend, I cracked a large smile.

I instructed him to go through the building to my right, down one flight of stairs, to the end of the hall, up a second flight. Then turn left outside that, head down into the student center, into its basement, out the back up through the library and then straight up the path. He’d reach Patton then.

With a thanks and a nod, he headed off.

Fifteen minutes later he walked up to where I was standing, slightly out of breath. Realizing I’d sent him on a wild goose chase, he grumbled “You could have told me where I was!”

I simply retorted “You’re a college student. I’d have figured you could read by now” and pointed to the big bronze plaque.

We’re still friends to this day, and often joke about the wild goose chase.