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Unfiltered | April 17, 2016

I work in a high school library, which means almost all of our patrons were born in the 21st century and many have had home computers their whole lives. They rarely have trouble with our computer lab. But, for some reason, printing causes them massive confusion. We have one color printer, but it’s only accessible from a special computer, and 2 black and white printers that anyone can use. Originally we named those Main Printer and Second Printer–and if you look at the printers themselves, there are bright signs reading “Main Printer” and “Second Printer: Use Only if Main Printer is Down.”

Somehow, that wasn’t clear enough, and we constantly had students ask which printer to use. So we changed the way the printers appear on the computers: now when you go to print, the automatically selected printer is named “Main Printer- Use This One!”

I still have to answer this question twice a week:

Student: *staring right at the printer options on the screen* “Which printer do I use?”