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Unfiltered | April 12, 2016

(As a kid, I was always bullied since I’m Asian. Even though I couldn’t fight back a lot, this is one of the times that I got payback. This takes place in the library where I sat at a table infront of the librarian’s desk. I was talking to a friend when this happen.)

Me: So about the thing that….we were…

(What happened was that I noticed something weird going on with my feet; it didn’t dawn on me what was happening until I saw that someone’s trying to play a prank on me. Since I sat infront of the librarian’s shiny desk, I can actually see one of the bullies attempting to tie both my shoes together underneth the table.)

Me: Excuse me, Miss!

(I caught the librarian’s attention and pointed down and she noticed the idiot trying to pull a prank on me. Cue the glorious music when he got punished.)