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Unfiltered | April 11, 2016

(My school has started a program called BYOD, or bring your own device, in which students bring their own electronic device to school. My biology class is very fond of taking notes of their devices, so as soon as notes are announced, we immediately pull out our devices. I’m usually well spoken for my age and place an emphasis on pronunciation. Despite this, I fumbled with my speech just enough to embarrass myself.)

Teacher: “When I was in college, no one took notes on computers. We took notes on pen and paper.”

Me: “I didn’t know they had portable computers 20 years ago.”

(Everyone begins to talk over each other, and I don’t hear what my teacher has to say next)

Teacher: “Well, I went back to college when I was about forty.”

Me: “I’m telling you, they didn’t have portable computers 20 years ago.”

(The class immediately bursts into laughter and I’m left wondering what just happened. My friends explained it to me and the teacher didn’t take offence.)