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(In 8th grade, I had a big history paper due. Huge. Worth a lot of my grade for the semester. I didn’t do it. It had to be hand written and at least three pages long. I have really bad awful horrible penmanship so the teachers went easy on me sometimes if an assignment HAD to be handwritten. So on the day it was due, in the class beforehand, I take some paper out and started writing. My friend notices me furiously scribbling and looks confused.)

Friend: “What are you doing?”

Me: “History paper.”

Friend: “The one that’s due in twenty minutes?! No way you’ll finish it.”

Me: (still writing) “Don’t have to finish it. Just have to write a opening sentence, a few legible words, and lots of scribbles.”

Friend: (confused) “Huh? Scribbles?”

Me: “My handwriting stinks. They can’t read it half the time anyway. If I scribble in a roughly letter-like form, and throw in some history words or a real letter here and there, he’ll believe it.”

Friend: “He’s not gonna buy it. Just try to write something real quick, some credit is better than none!”

Me: “I’m good.”

(I kept at my scribbling until I had three and a half pages of writing so bad no one could read it, but it looked legit, and had an opening and a closing sentence, and lots of history words. The bell rung, so I hastily added my name and the date of two days beforehand, and headed to the next class with my friend. Since it’s such a big grade, he has us do busywork while he calls each of us up by name and grades the papers in class. My name is called third, and I nervously bring my paper up to him, and sit back down. My friend looks alarmed. After about ten minutes he calls me back up to his desk.)

Teacher: “[My Name], you are headed to high school next year. You need to work on your penmanship! I could BARELY read this! I know you have a problem with writing, but they’ll eat you alive in high school if you don’t take care of this. As it is, the highest I can give you is a very low B. I liked the subject matter, but I expect better of you next time. Go sit down.”

(I return to my seat triumphantly and my friend bursts out laughing. I’m rather ashamed now, but I was ridiculously proud of this at the time xD.)

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