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In my high school there was a teacher that was just really bad at her job. I’d had her for a computer class, where she handed everyone a book, told us a section to do, and then retreated to her computer where she refused to answer any questions because “it’s in the book.” I figured I’d never have to deal with her again, until budget cuts forced her to become an economics teacher, which was a required course for all seniors. She made powerpoints that were just screen caps of the text book, then handed us giant packets and sat at her desk ignoring us. The girl next to me was really struggling with the material, and somehow managed to flag the teacher over.

Student: Mrs. [Teacher], can you help me with this section, I’ve read my notes and the book and can’t figure it out.

Teacher: Well if you read the book, you should understand it.

Student: But I don’t. Is there another way for you to explain it?

Teacher: If you read your book and your notes, you can figure it out.

Student: But I CAN’T. I’ve been trying, can you please help?

Teacher: Just read the book, it’s all in there. If you can’t figure it out I can’t help you.

Student: FINE! I’ll go find someone who will!
*she then angrily gathers up all her stuff and stormed out of the room*

I learned later that she got transferred to the other regular class that was taught by the AP Microeconomics teacher, I really wish I could have joined her. And no, even with over half our class going to the principal, the teacher couldn’t be fired because she was part of a union or something similar. Apparently she even added a gigantic project with a horribly unclear rubric for the next classes, so at least I avoided that…

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