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[I am a 3rd year student helping out at Orientation Week. My role is course-specific, I am assigned to chat to brand new 1st year students doing the same course as me (a science one) about any questions they have about study, the course, the lecturers and professors etc. I’m standing around the information booth, when a couple of first year students approach me. Based on appearance and the way they are carrying on as they approach me, the two are total meat heads.]

Meat head #1: So like, what happens if you have a job, and your job calls you to work a shift that means you miss a lecture?

Me: Well, it’s unfortunate, but it happens. Lectures aren’t compulsory so I guess…

Meat head #2: [interrupting] What do you mean, not compulsory?

Me: You don’t HAVE to go to lectures if you don’t want to, but…

Meathead #1: So I don’t even have to go to classes? I can just be like, enrolled and not do sh*t, and just work instead and make money?

Me: Well, technically yes, for lectures ONLY, BUT…

Meat head #1: Sweet! I’m going to tell my boss to p*ss off with that new roster I got him! This is awesome!

Meat head #2: Yeah, this is so cool! I’m a uni student but I don’t have to do jack sh*t! Man, uni is going to be so much cooler than high school!

[By now the pair has totally ignored me]

Meat head #1: Bro, I KNOW! AND we get to get f*cking WASTED too without having to do classes!

Meat head #2: Bro! So cool…

[The pair just start walking off. I was about to tell them that, being a science course, even though lectures weren’t compulsory, practicals and tutorials definitely were and many students fail for simply not attending. Also, they’ll have a hard time passing their assignments and exams if they have no clue what’s happening in the lectures, which is often what most professors use as a chance to deliver messages for the class. I wonder how those two did.]

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