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(We have a substitute in class that is native Chinese. She is trying to find out the ancestries of some of the Asian kids in the class.)

Teacher: “Hmm.. [student], can you speak Chinese?”

Student: “No… I’m not Chinese.”

Teacher: ‘Buy you’re last name is ‘Chang’!”

Student: “…That doesn’t mean I’m Chinese.”

Teacher: “But your last name is Chinese!”

Student: “…”


Teacher: “So, student, is your father or mother Chinese?”

Student: “I got my last name from my dad… but I’m not Chinese.”

Teacher: “But it’s ‘Chang’!”

Student: “When my dad moved here, he changed his last name to a different spelling of [Korean last name].”

Teacher: “…so?”

Student: “I’m Korean, not Chinese.”

Teacher: “But you’re last name is ‘Chang’!”

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