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Unfiltered | March 8, 2016

(This happens in a geograph class. Most pupils in my class hates this teacher, because he is very strickt when it comes to grading our tests, and always expect too much of us. As if this wasn’t enough, his classes is really boring, and most pupils are more focused on their computers. One of the pupils in perticular has done this all year, and our teacher are beginning to loose his patience.)

Teacher: *To pupil* “May you please shut down your computer, and begin listen to what I say?”

Pupil: “I’m listening, just using my computer to take notes”

(He is clearly not taking notes to what the teacher is saying, but won’t shut down his computer.)

Teacher: “I’m only going to ask you one more time, please shut down your computer.”

(The pupil is still not doing as he is told, so our teacher, whom is in his 60’s, walks slowly towards him. The pupil is too focused on his computer to even acknowledge this, and then our teacher raises his hand, and throws the chalk he has in his hands at said pupil. The whole classrom is silent in astonishment.)

Teacher: *Grinning* “That should make him more focused”

(He turned out to be a rather cool teacher, and by the end of the year many of the pupils in my class had gone from hating to adoring him, mostly thanks to him throwing chalk at one our pupils)