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(For the last concert of my freshman year, I had to sit next to a kid who was known for being a slacker and not paying much attention in class. One day, when we were rehearsing a piece, he dazes off until he finally realizes what was going on. By then, the conductor stops the piece and notices his sudden snap in attention).

Conductor: “[Slacker]! Don’t daze off! We have a concert next week and this is one of the harder pieces!”

Slacker: “Oh… uh… okay.”

Conductor: “Good. (turns to me) [My name], you can whack him with your bow if you have to.”

Me: “Oh… okay.”

(A few days later, we were practicing another piece. My section had a difficult rhythm in the beginning of it, but were able to mostly learn it. As we started the piece, the slacker screws up this part and the conductor notices that he has about the same time I do. She stops the piece and is about to speak.)

Me: (Whacks [slacker] with bow)

Conductor: (at about the same time I whacked [slacker]) “[Slacker]!”

(There is a short silence as she recognizes what I just did)

Conductor: “You see? Thanks, [my name]!”

(The entire class (except the slacker) bursts into laughter as a result.)

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