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Unfiltered | March 3, 2016

(I’m a student in an 8th grade Chemistry/Physical Science class, and right now we are doing projects on the elements. The project involves building something that the element can be found in. The teacher has many resources such as books and cards out on the table in the front.)

Project partner: “Can you go get something from the front? We need at least one physical source for our bibliography.”

Me: “Oh, sure. I’ll go grab a card real quick.”

(I walk up to the front of the room and am a foot away from the table when a loud BANG! rings out. I instinctively drop to one knee and cover my head, in one fluid motion.)

Me: “Jesus Ch-”

(The whole room and I break out laughing as I realize it was actually a balloon from the ‘Helium’ group popping!)

Teacher: “Holy cow.”

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