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Unfiltered | February 29, 2016

(In my Spanish class we are given Spanish names that are different from our real names. We have a substitute one day and she begins making Spanish jokes.)

Substitute: How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb? Just Juan.

(Everyone turns to the kid with the Spanish name of Juan and starts laughing.)

Juan: Ok, I get it, haha, very funny.

(As the Master of Puns, I see an pun-derful opportunity in front of me.)

Me: I guess you couldn’t take that Juan.

(Everyone laughs, including Juan.)

Me: That was a pretty good Juan if I do say so myself.

(More laughter.)

Me: Come on, I can’t be the only Juan making jokes here.

(After many more Juan puns, the substitute talks to me.)

Substitute: You’re pretty good at these.

Me: I know, they just keep coming Juan after another.

Substitute: Ok, now I challenge you to think of some Juan puns that don’t revolve around the word “one.”

Me: (without hesitation) But what if I don’t Juan-t to?