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Unfiltered | February 28, 2016

(My geography teacher sometimes likes to give prizes to students who help him out. Today, he hands a group of us envelopes after we pass out papers.)

Teacher: Okay, you can open your envelopes when I say. So, [Student #1], tell us what you got.

Student #1: It’s [Teacher’s Name] Cash. Good for one extra credit point on any quiz or test.

Teacher: Great! [Student #2]? What have you got?

*Student 2 pulls several folded papers out*

Student #2: Coupons for [local grocery chain].

Teacher: Are they from this month?

Student #2: Nope.

Teacher: Well, that’s wonderful. Enjoy those. [Student #3], your turn!

Student #3: It’s [Teacher’s name] Cash. *reads* Have a great day!

Teacher: A salutation, how nice. Go, [My Name].

Me: I got extra credit too!

Teacher: Better hold on to that. Well, that was fun. I did this in my other class yesterday. Someone got an envelope full of dirt from the plant on the windowsill. It was the best reaction I ever got to a prize.

(He has also previously given students last week’s newspaper, a Stalin calendar from 1982, pumpkin pie flavored gum, and a pamphlet for a local attraction. And those are just the ones from my class!)