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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

(Just recently my cousin has passed away, and he made music. My brothers and sisters were all big fans of his music (including me). At school we decided to walk through the courtyard with his music playing. We were all at the same school p, just in different grades. Well, while we were doing that, these bullies came up that we all delt with. This is what happened).

Bully #1:”such gay music, this guy has not musical talent at all!”

Bully #2:”exactly! Why don’t you guys stop playing that gay music and put some real music on!”

(At this point, i was fuming with anger, as i wanted to be a musician and my cousin inspired me to do so, until finally, i stood up to them).

Me: “I have you know, that that man that we are playing right now has inspired a lot of people, including me. And, we are playing his music to honor him, as he has just recently passed away. And he was the best cousin i. The world to me and my siblings. He has always made us laugh, and always cheered us up when we were feeling down. So if you want to come over here and make fun of our family, i can name a lot more things that make him important to a lot of people!”

(After that, they never bothered us again!)