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Unfiltered | February 24, 2016

(I had gotten my period. I’m in my first period creative writing class, when I ended up getting some bad cramps, which got to the point I can’t work on my short-story assignment. I decide that the cramps will pass and my teacher walks up to me. We’re in the back of the classroom, near the trashcan.)

Teacher: “Are you okay?”

Me: *nods* “Yeah, just cramps.”

Teacher: “My sister used to get them. If it wasn’t illegal, I would give you an aspirin.”

Me: *smiles*

(After some time, I ended up having to throw up. I decide that maybe the cramps will still go away, but I ended up having to throw up for a second time and I got some vomit on my hands.)

Me: “Can I go wash my hands?”

Teachers: *nods*

(I leave his class, go to the restroom, and comes back. By then, it’s near the end of the class period, when I go to the teacher’s desk.)

Me: “I think I should go to the nurse’s office.”

Teacher: “I think you should.”

Me: “I think you should dump the trashcan.”

(I ended up going home. That year, he was one of my favorite teachers and no one made fun of me for throwing up during class.)