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(I’m in an advanced Algebra 1 class in 8th grade, and while the class is smart, they’re also pretty immature and goofy. To try and keep things under control, the teacher (who’s a cool guy) has started a system where a first warning is your name on the board, one check next to your name is a second warning, and a second check is a detention. One particular day… )

Student 1 *after an increasingly off-topic attempt at derailing class*: “Well, can I be Hulk then?”

Teacher *smiling benevolently*: “Sure.” *writes ‘Hulk’ on the board*

(A while later, another student named Will gets into trouble.)

Teacher: *writes ‘Will’ on the board under ‘Hulk’*

(A couple minutes later, Student #3 does something particularly dumb and attracts the notice of the teacher.)

Student #3: “Sorry, I was being a bonehead, huh?”

Teacher: “Yup.” *writes ‘Bone’ on the board under ‘Will’*

(Student #4 then gets written up as ‘Dork’, much to his own amusement.)

*Teacher writes ‘Dork’ on the board under ‘Bone’*

(By this point the class is snickering because if you read out all four names, it reads ‘Hulk Will Bone Dork’.)

Teacher: “Why are you guys laughing?”

(Nobody explains, so he turns around and looks at the board, then realization hits…)

Teacher: *Erases all the names silently*