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(My horn teacher gives lessons in a building with several other teachers of other instruments. The walls are thin, so I can hear a few other people, including someone playing a familiar tune over and over on a high-pitched instrument).

Me: What is that song? I know I know it, I just forget what it’s called.

Teacher: It’s The Final Countdown.

Me: On a flute?

Teacher: Electric guitar, actually. You know no one here teaches flute.

Me: Oh yeah.

*several minutes later, and the guitar is still playing the melody over and over.*

Teacher: *telling me about technique*

Me: Oh, for God’s sake, that’s enough.

*I play about half of a popular song, and the guitar stops for a few minutes*

Teacher: Was that from your audition music?

Me: No, it was [pop song] by [artist]. I was getting revenge.

(unfortunately, it didn’t work and the person kept playing the melody until I left. Next week, Electric Guitar Person. Next week, I’ll get you back.)