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Unfiltered | February 20, 2016

(My history teacher is telling us about the tale of the 47 ronin using the student to sort of act it out he records this to show future classes. I was chosen to be a weasly tax collector and I have just insulted a samurai who then cut me and had to do ritual sudicide to restore his honor. That samurai was a master to 47 other samuri and ussaly when a Samaries master dies he does a ritual sudicide to continue serving his master)

History teacher: so now all these samuri are master less what do you think there going to do to keep serving there master?

Me: *expecting them to say ritual sudicide*

Student #1: KILL (MY NAME)


( I preceded to run behind the projecter screen. My teacher is about to tell me to come out but before he can finish one of my friends comes out and drags me into the middle of the classroom)

Student #2: SACRAFICE

Student #3: SACRAFICE


(Everyone puts there desks in a circle around me and yelling sacrifice. While my teacher does nothing)

Best friend: *walks in) hey (teacher) I-

(She looks at the current situation and sighs)

Best friend: Your doing it wrong! She’ll just go to her homeland!

( the whole class than sighs and nods In agreement and moves there desks to the right place I just notice my teacher was recording most of this)

Teacher: This can be very good blackmail ussaly but considering its (my name) it’s now just a good story to tell