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Unfiltered | February 2, 2016

(We are in hisotry with out new teacher who is very interesting. We end up talking about laws about marajuna)
Student 1: ( Teacher) did you know that in like Colorado you can’t some marajuna in public they have special bars for that

Teacher: your thinking about Amsterdam

Student 1: I didn’t know Marajuna was llegal in Canada

(The class tells him that Amsterdam is not in Canada, still determined he heads over to a map of the USA trying to prove us wrong.)

Student 2: that’s a map of the USA

( the class starts laughing especially student 3)

Teacher:(student 3) stop laughing

(Another teacher walks in who happens to be student 1’s mom)
Teacher 2: why is (student 3) laughing so much?

Teacher: because (student 1) has no knowledge of geography