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Unfiltered | February 17, 2016

(I am in my Spanish class and because my year has mock exams this week, our teacher has allowed us to revise and talk, so long as it is about the work. Note: For whatever reason, [Classmate #1] (who sits behind me) seems to have a problem with me when I have been nothing but nice to him whenever we have spoken to each other.)

Classmate #1: *To the person next to him* Oh, [My name]? Yeah, she’s really talkative and she always puts me off my work-I can never concentrate because of her.

(Hearing this really annoyed me and I was just about to say something when:)

Teacher: [Classmate #1], that doesn’t sound like work to me…

Me: *Turning to face [Classmate #1]* No, it just sounds like you’re b****ing about me.

Classmate #2: Ohhhhhh!