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Unfiltered | February 15, 2016

(At the end of the school year at my school, we have an awards assembly for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. My school is pretty small, so there’s only about 180 kids and parents, teachers, etc. After most of the awards are announced, the principal comes up to the podium. Note: It’s the middle of summer and VERY hot in the auditorium of our school)

PRINCIPAL: And, we have one final award! Will everyone please stand up for the award of distinction!

(Everyone stands up)

PRINCIPAL: Now, everyone but [6 Girls’ Names] please sit down.

(The girls are pretty happy, because they think they’re getting an award)

PRINCIPAL: Now these girls will not be receiving any awards today because the shorts they are wearing are distinctly too short, and are inappropriate for a school environment.

(Most of the girls are in tears now, and the principal tells them to sit down. After the assembly, the parents of the girls complain to CPS. The story ends up on the news, and the principal, who has been the principal there for almost 30 years, was almost fired. Long story short, that never happened again!)