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This story involves two classes; I was in both but as a witness, not a participant.

It was a Friday, the last class before lunch. It is late enough in the school year that our freshman Spanish teacher was relaxed with the class. He had come to the US in his early teens and started school in New York City speaking only Spanish though classes were in English. This experience meant he was well versed in what you might call survival skills, including what to do when the teacher asks you something and don’t know the answer. This day…

Spanish Teacher: asks Student A a question. (Student A is something of a class clown.)

Student A: hems and haws and can’t answer it.

Spanish Teacher: “You need to know how to handle such situation.” He then explains one type of response he used to use when he was in school, with an example. He explains that the technique only works on Fridays when everyone is exhausted.

The second class is History, immediately after lunch the same day. About half the students in History were in the same Spanish class earlier.

History Teacher: [Student B], please explain [something we were supposed to know].

Student B: hems, and haws, obviously not able to answer.

History Teacher: Come on [Student B], this was covered in the reading.

Studenc A (who is seated next to Student B): putting his head down behind the person in front and tries to whisper to Student B but is not getting through. After a few tries the teacher notices.

History Teacher: [Student A], stand up and tell us what were you saying!

Studenc A stands: No, no, I wasn’t saying anything [History Teacher].

History Teacher: [Student A], out with it! What were you saying to [Student B]!

Studenc A, hanging his head: No, no, it wasn’t anything [History Teacher].

History Teacher: NOW!

Student A, speaking as though with great reluctance: Ice cream has no bones!

Which was exactly what [Spanish Teacher] had used as an example of how to deflect a teacher’s wrath with a bit of nonsense (but only on a Friday). The entire class exploded with laughter, though only half of us understood what was going on. The teacher, who had a great sense of humor, just shook her head and returned to the front of the room.

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