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My school library has a rule- only 5 people allowed per table. My friends are at a table and there’s 6 of us (one is sitting in someone’s lap). A librarian comes over.

Librarian 1: Hey, you can’t do that!

Friend 1: Oh sorry, I’ll move. (Starts collecting things)

Librarian 1: You have to leave right now!

Friend 1: I am leaving, I’m just putting my books in the bag. (Another librarian approaches)

Librarian 2: You girls are disturbing the entire library! Only 5 at a table! One of you has to leave!

Friend 2: Can’t you see she is leaving? (Another librarian arrives- the three surround us)

Librarian 3: Why are you all causing trouble! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! (At this point, the scene has gathered attention from surrounding students)

Student: Relax, she is leaving.

Librarian 1: You don’t know what happened! Be quiet! (Friend 1 & 2 go sit at a different table nearby, and when the librarians leave we start laughing about the matter)

Librarian 1 (pops out of nowhere): IT’S NOT FUNNY!

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