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Unfiltered | January 10, 2016

(When I was in middle school, 2007ish, it was common for high school students to have a flash drive with the demo of a popular first person shooter game that they would pass around and play multiplayer together on the school computers. I would play all the time with my older brother but hadn’t thought about it for years until my sophomore year of high school. My class had some downtime near the end of the semester and the teacher was letting us do what we wanted…)

Popular Student: *holding up a flash drive* “Hey, anyone wanna play [popular FPS]?”

Me: “Yeah! I used to do that all the time with my brother!”

(They’re stunned for a moment because I’m a girl and I almost never talk in class)

Guy Next to Me: “Dude, pass it around!”

Popular Student: “Hey, Mr. Brown, do you wanna play?”

Teacher: “No, I think I’ll have more fun watching through your screens.”

(We all ended up having a lot of fun for the 45 minutes of class we had, and I only died a few times– once because the teacher joined in by remotely taking over various students’ computers and I happened to be the victim while raiding the enemy’s base. We did see two other multiplayer lobbies online, and I like to think they were other classrooms from around the country.)

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