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Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

(It’s my sophomore year and I’m in gym class with my best friend at the time and 2 other classmates. My best friend is a mother hen type.)

Me: So I’m getting my wisdom teeth out [Day] so I’ll be using a whole day of classes.

Classmate 1: When I got my wisdom teeth out, everything went great until a few weeks later. I got dry socket.

(I raise an eyebrow while my best friend looks horrified.)

Me: I see.

Classmate 2: My surgery went fine. But once I came out of the anesthesia, the doctor asked if I needed help walking out. I told him I had been walking for years and tried to stand up but my legs collapsed from under me. They had to carry me out.

(My surgery went fine but my best friend was in panic mode until I got back from the procedure, just fine.)