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Unfiltered | December 31, 2015

Last week, my English class had a new sub. I decided to play a little prank on him. A important detail to know is that I have class with my identical twin brother.

Me: Hey, [Friend] answer my name for the roll.

Friend: Umm… Ok.

The sub calls out the roll and gets to my name.

Teacher: [My name]

Friend: Here!

Teacher: [My brother’s name]

My brother: Here!

Teacher: Are you related?

Friend: Yes, twins.

The teacher continues the roll until my friends name.

Teacher: [Friend’s name]

Me: Here!

The teacher looks at me, my brother, and my friend with a confused look on his face. At this point, the class couldn’t hold back their laughter anymore and loses it. The poor sub as so confused but had a laugh when he realized it. I’m going to miss that class.