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Unfiltered | December 29, 2015

(In 7th grade, I had this old, strict maths teacher. She was always scowling and hardly ever smiled. Being the optimistic kid I was, I took every smile and laugh from her to heart and was probably the only student that liked her. One day, the class conspired to sneeze or something together at an exact time on the clock, ultimately disrupting class and offending our strict teacher.)

Strict Teacher: Do you think you’re funny? Are you proud of yourself? *tries to lecture over giggling, and eventually succeeds. she was scary.*

(After class) Me: Mrs. [Teacher], I’m really sorry for how the class behaved. I understand it upset you and it wasn’t funny.

Strict Teacher: *does her signature nod of approval, says nothing*

(I leave class, happy she at least had some closure and thought that was the end of it. The next day, the principal came to class to address the situation. He only lectured the standard lecture, it was nowhere near as threatening as our teacher’s lecture. Then, our teacher came out with it.)

Strict teacher: And as punishment, everyone must do this homework page in addition to our lesson.

(Sounds of disapproval rang through the room as she passed out the homework. I was ready to accept it, but when she came to me, she gave me her signature nod of approval again and spared me. I was the only person in the room to not take the extra work. It pays to be considerate!)

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