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Unfiltered | December 26, 2015

(I’m a 7th grade teacher. It’s the beginning of class, so I’m giving directions as I walk to go answer a knock at the door.)

Me: “Okay guys, go ahead and hop onto the laptops and jump on our computer program. Wait, don’t actually jump into the computer like Steve jumps into pictures on Blues Clues.”

A few students: “I LOVE BLUE’S CLUES!”

*I open the door to a student delivering a document.*

Student: *Singing one of the songs from Blues Clues* “We just got a letter!”

Me: *joining in* “We just got a letter!”

The rest of my students who know of the show: “We just got a letter! Wonder who it’s from?”

(This is why I love teaching 7th graders.)

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