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We have a new apprentice start with us, we know that there where problems with her performance, but every time we ask, we are told half answers or silenced on the situation. Everyone is puzzled to see what they could have done wrong to earn such a bad reputation.

Boss: Ok so (apprentice) will be working here tomorrow. (Me) can you please show her the ropes.

Me: Err yes sure. What time?

Boss: Normal time 7am.

(7 am the next morning comes and goes, at 11:30 she turns up. Says nothing to anyone and sits herself at a spare desk.)

Me: Hi, i’m (name) and I will be showing you what we do here.

Apprentice: Hang on I need to do this. (starts texting)

(I wait for 10 minutes, finally she finishes texting.)

Me: So where is your safety equipment?

Apprentice: I don’t have it.

Me: How could you not have it?! you need to be wearing it when you enter the building?! Oh just pop down the gangway and ask to borrow a spare form the safety office.

(Wordlessly she gets up and walks out, I see through the window walking in the completely wrong direction. Over an hour later she turns up still without the safety equipment.)

Me: where is the kit I asked you to get?

Apprentice: Oh, I forget, I will go get it now.

(She disappears yet again, after another hour I give up and explain to my boss that I cannot work with her. She gets handed off to everyone in the team who in turn all get fed up with her attitude and time keeping. Eventually my Boss has run out of staff to train her.)

Boss: So could you look after (apprentice) for me today?

Me: Sorry but n way, she is rude, her attitude to work stinks, she won’t do even the most basic tasks I ask her. Every time I look around she is on her phone, even after I have repeatedly told her not to.

(Without any other option my boss has to ask that she is removed form the department, I find out later she repeated this two more times in two more areas. Eventually she was let go. Of course when I saw her afterwards, none of this was her fault, and she was being picked on!)

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