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Unfiltered | December 23, 2015

In 5th form English (different teacher) we were on the laptops one of boys the was bored and started to look at Dicks pictures on Google when it freezes goes blank

The maths computer teck come to fix it.

Maths Teacher: ” So, what were doing when it stop work [boys name]”

Boys friend: “He was dicking around” Boy gives his mate a death stare

Boy: “I was on google, doing my work”

Maths Teacher: “Ahh fix it and good news it it should go back to what you where look at”

Maths teacher: ” [boys name you were not joking you say you were dicking around, and best not to do it again.”

English teacher: ” Something you wish to tell use [boys name]”

The boy look like he was about to die.

Apart of the awesome school, awesome teachers. so was the statistics is bulls*it

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