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(On this day, we were in biology. Our biology room and computer lab are connected by a single door, and this means that we can often hear each other through the door. We are taking notes, when suddenly…)

Computer Lab: *plays John Cena music*

Most of the class: JOHN CENA!

Teacher: Quiet down, everyone! *opens the connecting door and looks in* Huh, no one’s in there…

Computer Lab: *music stops*

Teacher: Uh… *walks back to desk* Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen again, so let’s keep taking notes.

(Ten minutes later…)

Computer Lab: *plays music again*

Teacher: JOHN CENA!! *slams elbow on desk*

Everyone: *causes havoc*

*Fast forward a few minutes later, after the music has long since stopped*

Teacher: Well, since I can’t calm anyone down now, let’s just forget the notes until tomorrow.

(Best day in biology ever!)

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