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Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

(I am in the eighth grade riding the Middle School Bus home from school. My stop is very close to the school, so I do not have much time to talk with the other students. One student in particular is teasing the girl who sits in the seat next to mine. )

Mean Student: You love him, don’t you!

Female Student: No I don’t!

Mean Student: Yes you do! You want to kiss him, don’t you!

Female Student: No! Stop talking to me!

(At this point, I decide to intervene. )

Me: (to the Mean Student) Listen, maybe you should lay off.

Mean Student: (taking notice of me) Oh, I see! You love her too, huh?

Me: No! She’s in sixth grade! I’m in eighth.

Mean: Student: Okay, how much do you like her on a scale of one to ten?

Me: (Realizing my bus stop is soon, I decide to delay the Mean Student.) Is one like or not like?

Mean Student: Uh… what?

Me: Is number ten “in love with”, or is it “not like at all”?

Mean Student: Um… I don’t know.

Me: What’s your scale?

Mean Student: Uh… I don’t know.

Me: Okay, I’ll make my own scale. Ten is “want to marry” and zero is “want to murder mercilessly”.

Mean Student: Okay then. What is she?

Me: (Makes a show of looking Female Student over) I would have to say… two.

Mean Student: Two?

Me: On my scale.

Mean Student: (To the back of the bus) HE CALLED HER A TWO!

Me: “…”

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