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Unfiltered | December 15, 2015

(I’m working as a temporary agency worker in a nursery school, working in the ‘1-3’ room towards the end of my shift. It’s near the end of my shift so I’ve tuned out a tiny bit and am sitting watching the kids, chatting to one of them who’s in the question stage.)

Kid: What’s your daddy’s name?

Me: It’s [name].

Kid: Is your daddy gonna come to pick you up?

Me: No, I’m too old so I go home by myself now.

Kid: Are you old?

Me: Yes, I’m very old (note I’m 24 but that’s old to a 2 year old)

Kid: Is your daddy old?

Me: Yes, daddy is very old.

Kid: (straight faced) Is your daddy dead?

Me: …

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