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Unfiltered | December 8, 2015

This happened on my first History lesson for the year and my teacher had just finished showing the course outline. As the lesson was a double the class started the first topic at the start of second period. The topic was about political leaders in modern history. The teacher, new to the school, decides to test how much we all know by asking what a communist government is, what a totalitarian government is, etc…

Teacher: “Okay anybody able to tell me what a dictatorship is?”

Me: *I looked around for any raised hands but seeing non I raised my own*

Teacher: “Yes, um” *checks the list of student names* “[My Name], what is a dictatorship?”

Me: “A country ruled completely by one political party or more commonly by a complete and utter d***”

Teacher: *Waits for me to go on, even does the motions with his hand*

Me: *looking around oblivious* “Yeah, dictatorship is ruled by a d***”

Teacher: *starts laughing so hard he had to talk a puff on an asthma inhaler*

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