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Unfiltered | November 22, 2015

(We’ve just started Year 9 and we’ve got this really awesome geography teacher. She’s new, but has the ability to make the class laugh so hard. This happens on a Friday afternoon, second-to-last lesson.)

Teacher: Let’s start talking about development indicators!

*Class start murmuring*

Teacher: My great great grandmother was the 5th of 12 children. My great great great grandmother thought that the others would die because of illness so she just had spare children. They all lived and she ended up having 12 kids.

Student #1: That’s so mean.

Student #2: That’s cheap labour!

Whole class: Yeah!

Teacher: My great great grandmother didn’t want to have many children as she had 11 siblings so she had the one child who survived!

Student #1: I’m confused with all the greats.

Student #3: Me too.

(As [Teacher] explains again, I face-palm. Then…)

Student #4: How many aunties have you got?

Teacher: 3, why?

Student #4: How many brothers and sisters?

Teacher: Ok guys, we’re meant to be learning geography, not the [Teacher] family tree!

(The class explodes into laughter. We quickly get into the next activity. The kicker? We’d only just started the first proper task when [Head of Geography] came in to assess [Teacher]’s teaching. It certainly made the class feel better, as we had two tests on our last lesson of the week!!!)