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Unfiltered | November 19, 2015

Somehow I manage to get stuck teaching a group of college students about my company and my departments, I am very resistant to do so as they often don’t pay attention, talk whilst i’m talking all while I have other work I need to do. Worse is that these students are all going to work in engineering so everything they learn will be so important to them later.

One of my areas is a laboratory, a room filled with very expensive and fragile equipment, I explain to my manager, the lecturers and the students before they go inside that they must be very careful and not to touch anything.

Me: (to the group) So this is the laboratory, where we ensure the whole company is producing to required standards.

(Some of the students have already started chatting, I ignore them but carry on.)

Me: Many of you going on to work in engineering , would benefit from understanding the basics no matter what section you may end up in.

(Some of the same students are still talking and now sitting on a £150,000 piece of machinery.)

Me: You at the back, please do not touch the equipment!

(They begrudgingly do, I carry on my introduction to find one of the ones talking are now leaning on the automatic doors, before I can tell him off again, the doors slide open the student falls through the opening, his glasses notebook and pens scatter across the floor).

Me: and that is why in any laboratory you must exercise utmost caution and professionalism.

(The rest of the class laugh, the fallen student gets up and storms off. Unsupervised in a dangerous area. To my surprise the lecturer sees but completely ignores this.)

Me: (Having enough speaking to the lecturer) you need to get him NOW!

Lecturer: He will be fine.

Me: He will not, there are machines that can rip his arm off without stopping or put a hole in his skull in a second. You will not let students wonder where they like. Go, get,him.

(After pulling a face the lecturer does, he doesn’t return. meaning I have to rung around and get another lecturer to come and collect the rest of the class.

My boss pulls me aside to give me a telling off, until I tell him what happened. Eventually the head of the college wrote a letter apologising and praising the staff for teaching us so well. They where very quickly told not to come back next year.)