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Ireland | Unfiltered | November 11, 2015

(I have the same first name and a very similar second name to a particularly disruptive and lazy girl in som eof my classes, We, however look nothing alike: I’m a petite blonde caucasian and she is a 5’9 overweight african. My parents relayed this story to me after she went to parents evening with one of my worse teachers.

Teacher: Thank you for coming Mr and mrs (wrong name) I have some concerns about your daughter

Parents: We are not mr and mrs (wrong name) and this isn’t our daughter’s report card.

Teacher: it appears your daughter has been causing a lot of incidents in the class, she constantly interrupts the class, never does her homework and above all she doesn’t listen.

Mum: you can’t be talking about our daughter. She isn’t (my name)(wrong second name)

Teacher: I cannot emphasize how important it is for her to listen during class, this encouragement needs to come from home as well as school

Mum: This isn’t our daughter.

Teacher: You know, I think she could go quite far if she learned to listen but so far with the way things are going I can’t make any promises.

Dad (standing up and slamming his fist on the report card on the table): SERIOUSLY!!!!!! THIS. IS. NOT. OUR. DAUGHTER. OUR DAUGHTER IS (my name) NOT (other girls name)!!!!

Teacher (taken aback, slowly holding up a picture of the other girl): Are you sure this isn’t her?

Mum: You have to be joking

Dad (pulls the report book over and sifts through the pages finding my picture): THIS IS OUR DAUGHTER!!!!!

Teacher: oh…. Why didn’t you say so?

Parents: we did, SEVERAL TIMES!!

Teacher: Oh, I wasn’t listening

Parents: (speechless)

(My actual report went ok, afterwards my dad contacted the principle to relay the evening. apparently this wasn’t the first time the teacher was like this. Come the next yearI had a different teacher for that class and the disruptive girl had been expelled)

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