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Brisbane qld Australia | Unfiltered | November 10, 2015

My high school starred doing a Shakespeare drama trip for grade 11 & 12 drama students every 2 years. They go to London and kind of trace Shakespeare’s steps. My sister went on the first trip. It’s now 2 years later and I’m the right age to go.

Teacher (talking about the ladt trip): last time we took 30 students.

Me: And how many did you bring back?

Teacher (warningly): (my name!)

Classmate: yeah sir, how many did you bring back?

Teacher: that doesn’t matter.

Classmate (to me): how many did they bring back?

Teacher: (my name!)

Me: 29!

Classmate: how do you know?

Me: Because my sister was the one who they left behind

(My sister got a middle ear infection during the final week of the tour and was unable to fly. My mum had to fly over to London and bring her back after everybody else had already returned).

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