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Gresham, OR, USA | Unfiltered | November 3, 2015

(In my class one day we had some foreign exchange students and one was from China. My friends sister (who was my friend as well) asks them a question during a question time.)

Friend’s Sister: So, what do you do to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Exchange Student: (Blank look)

Friend’s Sister: You know? Chinese New Year.

(At this point I’m mentally face palming.)

Friend’s Sister: (Finally realizing) What do you do to celebrate the turning of one year to another. New Years?

Exchange Student: Oh! We, we uh…I don’t know the word. Can I translate?

Friend’s Sister: Of course.

(The girl takes out her tablet and types in the word in a translation app in front of the completely silent class room)

Exchange Student: We. Set off. Fire Crackers?

Class: Oh!

(I still cant believe that my friends sister didn’t realize that they would’ve just called it New Years rather than Chinese New Years though)

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