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My company hires apprentices, for the first two years your whole years gets paid to go to college for free. Understandably they are not happy if you turn up late or not performing. I recently forgot some text books, drove home and picked them up, arriving a few minutes late after lunch.

Classmate: Well you shouldn’t have forgotten your books.

Me: I know I know, I just forgot them. it was only the once. They didn’t have to call my boss.

Female classmate: Well you need to sort it out. I’m never late or forget my books.

(Feeling piled on, i’m glad when we get to our final lesson.)

Female classmate: Oh I have to leave early.

Lecturer: What why? We have a lot of work to do.

Female classmate: I err.. have a dentist appointment..

Lecturer: it’s 8pm!

Female classmate: ..erm yeah it’s an emergency, i’m in a lot of pain!

Lecturer: Fine, just go.

(We look at each other in confusion, she had been with us all day, chatting the whole while. ate with us without problem, and didn’t mention it once.)

the next day…

Me: Did you get to your appointment?

Female classmate: Nah I went to see my boyfriend, it was valentines day. What do they expect me to do? I wanted to see him?

Classmate: After all the abuse you gave (me) yesterday?

Female classmate: Yeah well it is different, I needed to go home.

Classmate: You can’t just go home when you feel like it, you are being paid to be here!

Female classmate: Whatever, if (boss) asks I will just cry and tell them that you are bulling me.

(This went on for another three years, having never learnt the class material, she did terribly on the job. Eventually (after many chances) she was fired. Seeing her afterwards she still complained about being treated unfairly and that the work was too hard. If only she turned up half the time!)